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How to find the Perfect Bong

Although they are popular on the 21st century, bongs and water pipes have been in use for a while. Generally, bongs are manufactured with water pipes that are meant to provide a cooling effect when one is smoking. Smoking is an activity that dates back almost as long as man’s existence. There are a number of substances that smokers enjoy but it is no secret that most of them are not very good for the lungs. Marijuana is one of the most commonly smoked substances. Its concentration is normally pretty harsh on the lung and that is where bongs and water pipes come in. The cooling effect they provide significantly lowers the hit on the lungs of the smoker.

You can use a bong to smoke a whole variety of herbs; it always ensures you get the perfect hit for optimum effect. With its water-filled chambers, a bong manages to cool the inhaled smoke such that it doesn’t burn your throat as is the case when smoking a dry pipe. Bongs are ideal for smokers who want a smoother, fresher smoking experience. They also have a number of health benefits as compared to dry pipes that make them more desirable. Smokers may choose dry pipes over bongs because of the convenience. Due to their design, bongs are not very portable hence they are less convenient. How then does one find the perfect bong?

First off, not all bongs are made of the same material. Some of the common materials used to make bongs are ceramic, plastic, bamboo and acrylic. One should have this picture in mind before going into the market to find a bong. The choice of material will generally be guided by your intended use, need for durability and personal aesthetic. For instance, someone looking for a stylish and durable bong should go for bamboo whereas someone who needs a flexible bong to travel around with should choose silicone. Glass is the most sought for option because it is the best when it comes to modifications and add-ons.

Percolators are crucial to the function of a bong. Whether big or small, a percolator is usually designed for the diffusion of smoke. As pointed out earlier, the combustion of dry herbs such as tobacco could be detrimental to your health. The percolators majorly filter out the unwanted toxins and ensure you do not inhale the unhealthy byproducts. You get to hit two birds with one stone because smoking becomes more enjoyable and you also get to protect your lungs from damage. Bongs may come with a built-in diffuser or you can add the percolator as an accessory.

The size of the bong is also an important factor to consider. Intended use of the bong is the major determinant of the size. Smaller pipes are more portable so they are good for on-the-go use while larger pipes are good as a home device and also allow for more modification.

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